Zoo Atlanta

AVEC welcomes the newest addition in Zoo Atlanta, Xi Lan – the baby panda!

Here are some photos of Xi Lan, the newest addition in the Panda family at Zoo Atlanta. Earlier this year, Xi Lan had his first ophthalmic examination. How cute is that face?

Over Dr. Powell-Johnsons’ career, she has examined both adult Pandas, Lun Lun and Yang Yang. Their first offspring, Mei Lan, has had a complete ophthalmic examination as well.

Ailuropoda melanoleuca (the Giant Panda), originated in China and are mostly related to bears. Xi Lan was born at Zoo Atlanta on August 30, 2008 and is Lun Lun and Yang Yang’s second offspring. We are soo proud of Lun Lun especially, as she is a good Mom!

AVEC is committed to the conservation and animal husbandry, as it relates to both domestic and nondomestic species. Panda’s natural habitats are being challenged, and it is important for the next generation to protect and cherish these majestic creatures.

Quincy the Eagle Owl

Dr. Powells’ latest patient over at Zoo Atlanta is a beautiful EAGLE OWL named “Quincy”. What beautiful eyes you have! “Quincy” had a routine eye exam, with everything checking out normal.

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