Boxers Rule

1stboxerKnow Your Dog – The Boxer!

EARS – Used in conjunction with loose skin between eyes and on forehead to express feelings especially useful when in scrounging mode!!

MOUTH – Loose and flabby, tends to leak profusely especially after drink or when in the vicinity of chocolate or other goodies.

TAIL – Short and stumpy can sound like a military tattoo when rapidly thumped against floor at the mention of a walk.

HEAD – Broad and extremely hard, doubly so when in sudden contact with your chin during enthusiastic greeting or during play.

EYES – big and brown with built in twinkle, can look sad but this only a trick to get his own way or to avoid punishment after misdemeanor!!!!

CHEST – broad and muscular, usually stuck out proudly when being praised for good behavior.

Note: Boxers make excellent pet dogs for fairly athletic families who are willing to spend plenty of time out of doors, walking and playing. He hates to be left behind on family outings.

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