When to See a Professional

The majority of the cases seen at Atlanta Veterinary Eye Clinic are referred by a general veterinarian. The referral is made when an ophthalmic problem is either visible or suspected. The problem may range from an ocular injury to a loss of vision. Consulting an ophthalmologist allows the pet and owner to receive the benefits from specialized diagnosis and treatment.

  • Does your pet rub his eyes often?
  • Do your pet’s eyes appear swollen or enlarged?
  • Do your pet’s eyes appear cloudy or is there any redness?
  • Is there any discharge in the corners of the eyes?
  • Does your pet appear to tear excessively?
  • Have you noticed your pet squinting or keeping his eye(s) closed?
  • Does your pet occasionally bump into things?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact your general veterinarian as soon as possible to facilitate a referral.

Here are some common symptoms that we see at AVEC and problems that they could be related to:

Loss of vision: Cataracts, PRA , glaucoma retinal degeneration or retinal detachment

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