A dermoid is a growth on the cornea or conjunctiva which consists of a mass of tissue Containing fat, glandular tissue, hair follicles and hair. Dermoids are congenital and can affect young puppies.

What are the symptoms?

An abnormal mass with hair on an inappropriate area of the eye is the symptom. The dermoid may be located on the –eyelid margins or directly on the eyeball itself, usually on the cornea.

What are the risks?

The mass, depending on its location, can be a source of severe ocular pain. If on the lid margins it prevents the normal blinking reflex and therefore proper eye lubrication. The hairs can cause severe irritation and possible ulceration of the cornea. Dermoids located on the cornea are a physical barrier preventing normal vision.

What is the management?

Surgery is the treatment of choice. The dermoid mass is dissected from the normal eye tissue. Those located on the cornea present the greatest challenge but the outcome is generally favorable.

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